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The mission of Polygon is to provide platform for creation of programming contest problems. Polygon supports the whole development cycle:
  • problem statement writing
  • test data preparing (generators supported)
  • model solutions (including correct and wittingly incorrect)
  • judging
  • automatic validation
Registered users: 55143
Problems total: 371526
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27 Jun 2016 - Polygon API has been released. You can view documentation here.
7 Dec 2011 - Now you may download testlib and polygon documentation from Polygon installation.
17 Jul 2010 - Supported contests and PDF-statements.
3 Nov 2009 - Released new version. Tags and problem filters supported. Also many other smaller fixes done.
8 Mar 2009 - Use public issue tracker to post bug or feature request.
8 Mar 2009 - Beta version has been deployed.